The mission of the Sheboygan County Rotary Foundation, Inc. it to enhance the
quality of life of the community in which we serve, and on a selective basis, to extend
this beyond our borders. Our organization is comprised of Rotarians from the
Sheboygan Rotary Club and the Plymouth Rotary Club.
Alex Klitzka  - President (Plymouth Rotary Club) 
Ryan Gartman - Treasurer (Sheboygan Rotary Club) 
Karen White - Secretary (Plymouth Rotary Club) 
Jim Hanson - Plymouth Rotary Club
Greg Leick - Sheboygan Rotary Club
Tom Slater - Plymouth Rotary Club 
Tim Van Akkeren - Sheboygan Rotary Club
Gerry Van De Kreeke - Sheboygan Rotary Club 
Greg Weggeman - Sheboygan Rotary Club 
Meetings are held at 7:30 a.m. the 2nd Wednesday of the month, in even
numbered months (February, April, June, August, October, December)
at Clear Track Financial Advisors 2032 Erie Avenue - Sheboygan, WI.